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BOSCH Integrus Translation System

BOSCH Integrus System

The digital simultaneous interpretation system meets the needs of various conferences ranging from casual conversation to a large-scale international conference requiring multiple language services.

The biggest strengths of the digital simultaneous interpretation system are strong security, high-quality sounds and absence of interference or intermittent among different channels.

Up to 32 channels can be used which can be used for a large-scale conference. Not only that, stereo sounds can be conveyed, so ti is especially efficient when high-quality music or various multi-media contents must be delivered.

BOSCH Digital Receiver

The infrared signals of the digital simultaneous interpretation cannot penetrate into opaque objects. If an attendee with a receiver leave the room, he/she can not receive the infrared signals, and so can not hear the sound in the room. This is highly used for confidential or undisclosed meetings.

The digital device specially designed to meet users need indicated only the channels that can be used so that they can easily find a language they want. For instance, when only one language is interpreted, the users can choose just one channel being used in the room out of a total of 32.


I-DESK Interpreter Unit

I-DESK Interpreter Unit

The digital simultaneous interpretation equipment the highest-quality sounds and interpretation without sound interference ; it will suit the needs of all the audiences to the utmost.

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LBB4540 Digital Receiver

< System Features>

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Advanced digital technology
  • Infra-red for freedom of movement for delegates
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • User-friendly channel selection

Integrus is a system for wireless distribution of audio signals via infra-red radiation. It can be used in a simultaneous interpretation system for international conferences where multiple languages are used.