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Echelon20 Headset

TELEX Echelon20 General Aviation Headset

* Echelon20 제품은 상시재고 품목으로 연중 상시 구매가 가능합니다

Echelon 20 Headset Boxing

Echelon 20 Headset Boxing


Echelon 20 Headset PJ Connector

Echelon 20 Headset PJ Connector


Comfort and Fit

The Echelon 20 features a foam-filled headband pad that evenly distributes the headset weight with no pressure points for maximum wearer comfort. The lightweight ear cushions combine comfort with an excellent acoustic seal. An outer urethane layer ensures long life and all cushions are field replaceable.

Sound Quality

The Echelon 20 provides an impressive 20+ dB of passive noise protection and top-quality noise-cancelling electret microphone for clear, reliable communications.


The boom arm features a sealed ball-and-socket joint and flexible boom for precise microphone placement on any head size. The boom rotates overhead for placement on either side of the head. The microphone cartridge features a noise-cancelling electret element.


The microphone cordage is protected inside the boom arm. Shielded wire throughout the headset protects against RFI and EMI. Strain reliefs on all cords provide maximum durability.



Color Medium Gray
Frequency Response 100 Hz - 3.5 kHz
Impedance 150 Ω
Microphone Frequency Response 100 Hz - 3.5 kHz
Microphone Impedance 50-600 Ω
Microphone Sensitivity -50 +/- 6 dBV/Pa
Microphone Type Noise-Cancelling Electret
Noise Reduction ≤ 20 dB
Speaker Dynamic
Speaker Sensitivity 95 SPL/mW
Weight 14.22 oz (403 g)