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2.4GHz Wireless Delegate System

Wireless Delegate System Features:

2.4GHz Picocast Technology

WSM-240 is a Conference System using digital broadcasting technologies. A Simple user interface, even an non-technical can operate. Hence, creating an efficient conference environment.

And get this, The system can work as a stand-alone!

The system can meet with your various meeting requirements, From casual discussions to full-scale multi-lingual congress. It utilizes camera tracking technology that can project video image of the speaker.

This system utilized Picocast technology. It adopts very unique 2.4GHz band (ISM Band) wireless technology. It guarantees loss-less transmitting and receiving rate. Which means it is possible to communicate without R.F or electrical interference.


2.4GHz Wireless Delegate Packing

2.4GHz Wireless Delegate Packing